Kayaking at Wekiwa Springs State ParkDO.Kayak1.html
Kayaking with Manatees at Blue Springs State ParkBlue_Springs.html
St AugustineSt.Augustine.html
Celebration - Pie Festival, Exotic Car Festival and Christmas SnowCelebrate-intro.html
LPGA Tour Golf at Ginn Reunion ResortGinn_Golf_Intro.html
Manatee EncounterManatees-Intro.html

Visited all the theme parks...and fancy doing something a little bit different? Why not have a look at these suggestions...non of them too far away from the Villa

Hot Air BallooningBalloons-Intro.html
Swimming with Manatees at Crystal RiverManatee_Swim_Intro.html
A day out at
De Leon SpringsDe_Leon_Springs_intro.html